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For over 30 years Pure Romance continues to be the trusted name in sexual health and wellness. With over $2 Billion in product sales worldwide we are bringing superior products to our customers and the most competitive pay plan to our Consultants.

Multiple Ways To Make Money

In-Person Parties

Parties are the heart of Pure Romance. Get your girlfriends together for the ultimate ladies night. Connect, laugh, learn, and share your favorite products all while making extra money!

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Virtual Parties

Partying doesn't have to be in-person! Virtual parties are one of the best ways to share Pure Romance with your online community. Virtual parties can connect you with customers in any zip code and help you grow your reach exponentially.

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Social Selling

Use your social network to sell your products on your favorite social platforms. Plus as a Consultant, you have access to your own Personal Website. You can share your website with your network and start earning commission on your online sales on day one!

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Getting Started with Parties

Kick off your business right by hosting a "Pop the Box" party with friends and family.  Your second party, we call it an “Encore Party'' is for anyone that can’t make it to your first one and will help build your network.  The third party, your “Bestie Party” is hosted by one of your friends! Consultants can buy products at up to 50% off and sell to your customers at retail prices, leaving you with a nice profit! The average Consultant earns over $700 per month from just three parties!

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Earn Even More with Consistent Sales


Parties per Month:


Party Retail Sales per Month:


Avg. Party Expenses:


Party Profit per Month at 40% Buying Discount


This popular path offers the most flexibility. You can combine the best of both worlds, parties, social selling and website sales!!

Business Builder

Parties per Month:


Party Retail Sales per Month:


Avg. Party Expenses:


Party Profit per Month at 50% Buying Discount


Business Builders commit to growing their business and sharing the opportunity. With the effort comes rewards and the increased income potential.

The Careerist

Parties per Month:


Party Retail Sales per Month:


Avg. Party Expenses:


Party Profit per Month at 50% Buying Discount


This level of consistent activity puts you on the path to making some serious cash with Pure Romance. On this path, Consultants have so much momentum selling products that additional bonuses, free product, and other incentives are earned regularly.

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The Best in Sexual Health Products

If you think you know sex, think again. Our products can make every intimate moment unforgettable. Pure Romance products help you discover new ways to satisfy your desires, whether you’re exploring your wild side or enhancing your self-care routine.

Earnings Beyond the Party

Click here to learn about even more ways to make more money, from free product and sales bonuses to Personal Website sales, sponsorship commissions, and more!

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A Business for Your Lifestyle

The best part about this business? It’s easy, flexible, and you can work it whenever you want! It really is the perfect side-hustle. Whether you’re a college student, new mom, budding entrepreneur, or just want some extra cash. Check out the many ways Pure Romance Consultants have used this business to enhance their lives personally, financially, and professionally.

Ashley C.

Columbus, OH

Stay at Home Mom of six! Real-estate investor and Pure Romance record breaker!

Erica Chism

Indianapolis, IN

Works full time in corporate America and loves the flexibility and philanthropy of Pure Romance.

Andrea B.

St. John, IN

Loves the confidence she has gained from joining our community!

TIffany P.

Houston, TX

Thrives on the motivation and positivity of her team and the time she has with her children.

Raven P.

Greenville, SC

Southern born and raised and loves the sexual health education and sharing with women at her parties!

Carrie B.

Manassas, VA

Paid off her credit cards and loves treating her kids with her party money.

Other Amazing Benefits


Level Advancement Rewards

Enjoy additional benefits when you level up and hold your level by performing consistently.


Incentive Trips

Earn amazing trips to exotic destinations across the globe with fine dining, exclusive experiences, and luxury acc...


Weekly Commissions

Earn up to 30% commission on orders placed on your Personal Website. The best part? You get paid weekly on web com...


Sales & Discounts

On top of your Buying Discount, you get exclusive access to weekly sales and discounts on your Online Office to bu...


Personal Guidance

You may be in business for yourself, but you're never in business by yourself. We support our Consultants with a N...

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