Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

Weight: 0.78 oz./22 g. Insertable Girth: 2.25 in./5.7 cm.

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Exercise your right to confidence with Ben Wa Balls. For centuries, women have used Ben Wa Balls to strengthen their vaginal walls and bladder muscles. These durable, silver-plated balls also provide subtle stimulation that you can enjoy in bed or around town, with a partner or as your own little secret.


● Tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus or "PC" muscles, which form the pelvic floor.
● Promotes bladder control, vaginal elasticity, and stronger orgasms.
● Durable, silver-plated design.
● Weight: 0.78 oz./22 g. Insertable Girth: 2.25 in./5.7 cm.


To use ben wa balls, lie on a bed or a couch, and insert one ben wa ball into your vagina. Try squeezing your PC muscles to hold the ball inside for several minutes. Try several different types of squeezes, including quick flutter holds and long holds. Do these Kegel exercises for several minutes over a period of a few weeks. Once you can comfortably perform them lying down, try doing the same exercises standing up. Once you've mastered this, do the same progression (lying down, then standing up) with two ben wa balls.

What's Included

● 2 x Ben Wa Balls
● Case

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